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my idea of wealth has changed. when i was little i’d dream about living in a giant mansion with like a tennis court and a bowling alley and an indoor swimming pool and all other sorts of sports things i’d never use. now when i fantasize i’m like, “maybe someday i’ll be able to rent a one bedroom apartment and live there alone.”

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Redditor AL0311 posted this picture of his friend dressed up as Ray Rice on Sunday, writing, “My friend came to the party as Ray Rice.”

“Ladies were falling for my friends Ray Rice costume,” he wrote in a second post today.

This is fucking disgusting. What part of a woman being KNOCKED OUT UNCONSCIOUS is funny/appropriate for Halloween? Stop.

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Inflicting violence on black womanhood is a form of entertainment in this country

everything and I mean everything a black person could possibly do will likely be caricatured my fucking god it’s like white people can’t get enough of it.

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for once in my life, I’d like to feel wanted, needed. chose. a priority. not a secret, an option.



Stevie Wonder, 64 years old, and his fiance are expecting triplets.

Damn I can’t even get a call back…

"Stevie I’m pregnant. I thought you used a condom"



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